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All About Me

Ariana von Trapp Fletcher was born and raised a vegetarian in Southern California. This shaped her to have a very creative palette which pushes her to think outside the box and add spices and ingredients which others may not think of.


She has traveled the world and used to live in Sydney, Australia where she launched her dream to create her own food business in 2009. For several years Ariana's fresh foods were featured at the farmer's market, local supermarket and restaurants. After many adventures, she currently resides in California. 


Ariana inspires others to get into the kitchen and to cook healthy delicious food. Known for her infectious trademark giggle and zest for life, Ariana is cooking up a storm and stirring people to join in the fun.

She believes that friends and family mixed with mouthwatering food is the perfect recipe for creating fun-filled memories. 

Food Heritage

My passion for healthy and flavorful cooking has been inspired through two generations, my mom and my grandmother. 


I started cooking when I was 3 years old; before I could even see over the kitchen counter. My childhood memories are of helping my mom in the kitchen. 


My grandmother ('Omi' in Austrian) Johanna von Trapp- whose family was the inspiration for the musical The Sound of Music- learned to cook while a child. As an adult, she was in charge of the von Trapp Music Camp kitchen in Vermont. As a young married woman, she was one of the first of her generation to embrace healthy organic homesteading.


Additionally, my life has taken me on many international travels where I have been exposed to many different cultures and their unique ways of combining, cooking, and preparing traditional foods. These trips have fueled my continued passion to create flavorful and healthy food.

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giggle GOURMET donates 5% percent of its net profits to support the Georg & Agathe Foundation whose mission is to champion the arts, promote peace, and archive & educate. One of the foundation's key projects is which is undertaking to chronicle the, mostly forgotten, 22-year musical career of the Trapp Family Singers and their place in musical history as 'the most booked attraction in US history'. 

Press & Speaking Engagements

If you are members of the press or an event planner interested in possible speaking engagements or future cooking demonstrations by Ariana von Trapp Fletcher, please visit Celebrity Legacy and contact

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