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Waffles and wait for it....Ginger Syrup - Gluten Free Recipe

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

There is something about a waffle that just makes me smile. I am now wondering... WHY don't I eat them more often? LOL.

I saw these waffles (Birch Benders Paleo Toaster Waffles) on sale at Safeway and decided to give them a try. I thought, how bad could they be?

OMG...they are delicious! My entire kitchen filled with the aroma of buttermilk waffles while toasting them. No one would ever know that these waffles are gluten free, sugar free, grain free and dairy free.

Gluten free waffle

I wanted to spice things up...and literally spice the flavor up with ginger syrup. I highly recommend the Ginger People's organic ginger syrup.

"The melted butter mixed with the warming spiciness of the ginger is a match made in heaven."

If you have never tried it, give it a try. I love maple syrup, but this is a great alternative.

Ginger Syrup

I love cold butter on my waffles, a bit melts and a bit stays in tact...making each bite juicy and decadent.

Gluten free waffle


  • 2 frozen waffles, gluten free

  • 2 tabs of butter, to your taste

  • Drizzle of ginger syrup, can use maple syrup


  1. Toast waffles, follow manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Top with tabs of butter and drizzle with ginger syrup.

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