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Cali-fusion Thai Peanut Salad - Vegetarian Recipe

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I love peanuts in any shape and form. Be it salad dressing, satay sauce, or peanut butter. Here is a hearty, vegetarian recipe to satisfy one's cravings.

Here is a very simple and nutritious salad. The combination of sprouted lentils, egg, and quinoa pasta add a great protein factor.

Vegetarian Thai Peanut Salad
Vegetarian Thai Peanut Salad

Here are some suggested food items that I use. But feel free to substitute.

Quinoa pasta noodles

Spicy Peanut Dressing

"I crave chips and salsa 24-7. They are addictive. I could have salsa on eggs, nachos, baked potatoes, etc. The sky is the limit"


· 2 romaine lettuce leaves, rinsed and chopped

· 1 handful of roasted peanuts, chopped

· ½ cucumber, sliced

· 3 pimento/cherry peppers, finely sliced

· 1 TBS goats feta cheese, crumbled

· 1 carrot, chopped

· Asian spicy peanut dressing, I buy mine at Trader Joe’s


1. Add all ingredients to a bowl and toss with salad dressing.

2. Serve with your choice of protein (hard-boiled egg, veggie burger, plant-based protein).

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